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Hi, I’m Sumer Mehra, an avid sports fan who  chanced upon a realisation.
Media outlets and sports brands wanted to focus on just the male athletes. I had this burning desire to know why women’s sport and women involved in sports are neglected.


With Naari Sport, I’m discovering why women in sport are generally sidelined. 

Society has conventionally restricted women from taking up the spotlight, let alone sport as a career. The media, entrenched with these beliefs has largely ignored women’s sports because it simply doesn’t generate the same viewership as when men play. They claim that women’s sports do not have the same tradition – is not played at the same level.


Sadly, this is true. It’s also a little bitter to digest.
But change has to come at some point. At Naari Sport, we’re a section of the media that strives to promote women sport. We’re a gender-inclusive outlet that aims at banishing sexism by educating and informing. We believe young boys and men, as big consumers of sport, could be key influencers in driving the message. 

Deep-down, we know but somehow always ignore the fact that women athletes also want to be marketed well – they love the spotlight too!  They compete fiercely in sport and demand our attention. We still turn away in apathy.

We could change this habit together.

Men generally don’t hesitate to shower women with attention. So can we bring the same mindset into women’s sport and become their biggest supporters?


I’d love to hear about how you think we can change women’s sport together. Write to me at sumermehra1995@gmail.com.


Thanks for reading this and have a great day!


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