‘Let’s talk periods’: Rajasthan Royals partner with Niine Sanitary Pads for Dream XI IPL

Rajasthan Royals have on-boarded sanitary napkins brand Niine as their Principal Sponsors for the upcoming IPL. 

Rajasthan Royals batsmen Ben Stokes and Sanju Samson celebrate Samson’s century. The Royals have signed Niine Sanitary Napkins as their Principal Sponsors for IPL 2020.

Around the same time when Dream XI outbid Tata Sons and Byju’s to claim title sponsorship for IPL 2020, Rajasthan Royals have attempted to end a stigma. Menstruation has always been considered a hush-hush subject in India with superstition entrenched in people’s beliefs. 

In parts of rural India, women on periods are denounced and isolated. They’re not allowed to enter places of worship and are generally treated as second rate citizens.

Mode to educate men

You’d remember from your time at school when boys were either ignorant or made fun of the issue. With this deal, Rajasthan Royals aims to “educate men” about the taboos associated with menstruation.

The Rajasthan Royals players will don the Niine Sanitary Napkins logo just above their jersey numbers.


Low-cost sanitary napkins have penetrated into rural markets but that has done little to break the taboos. A woman may have better access to hygiene but is still made to feel unclean by society. She’s ostracized by society for those five or seven days. In a way, this sponsorship deal challenges the deep-seated beliefs surrounding menstruation in the country.

The ‘Niine’ logo will be on the back of the player’s jerseys for the delayed IPL this year. The tournament was shifted out of India with coronavirus causing a major shuffle in the scheduling.

“Cricket undoubtedly is the most watched sport in the country and provides the perfect platform to address health and drive social change,” the Royals said in a statement.

“Rajasthan Royals are poised to be the vehicle that will help educate men through the season by building not only awareness but also understanding on a grand scale,” the statement added.

Ahead of IPL 2019, Rajasthan Royals replaced the overriding blue in their jersey with pink. The overhaul was a part of the team’s stance on ‘Cancer Out.’   

To announce the partnership, Rajasthan Royals used their training footage with voiceovers from Robin Uthappa, Shreyas Gopal and Varun Aaron. The message was clear, abundant and overdue: Let’s talk periods.     

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