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The top 10 all-time goalscorers in the Champions League

The start of the club season follows the international break. The Champions League quarterfinals are set to start, and this competition will undoubtedly entertain the viewers with intriguing matches, surprising outcomes, and magnificent goals. Let’s examine the final point in more detail. Let’s discuss about their top scorers a few days before they make their Champions League comeback. The top 10 Champions League goal scorers will follow.

Thomas Müller (122 matches, 47 goals)

Müller is a nearly legendary Bayern player while being only 31 years old. Thomas played for the Munich team his entire career and earned numerous awards there. Germany benefits from his achievement by supporting the “record champion” not only in the national championship but also on the international scene.

Although he is best known as an assistant, Müller can also shoot. In the most prestigious club competition in Europe, Thomas has already scored 47 goals, and he has no plans to stop. especially when Robert Lewandowski doesn’t play in crucial games.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (120 appearances, 48 ​​goals)

Throughout his career, Ibrahimovic has participated in a variety of teams and competitions. Since leaving Sweden, Zlatan has received awards everywhere he has traveled. However, the 39-year-old attacker has not given up the Champions League, another competition.

The Milan forward also never advanced to the Champions League championship game. It’s interesting to note that Ibrahimovic simultaneously won the Europa League, World Club Championship, and UEFA Super Cup. Zlatan’s desire to play for Rossoneri in the Champions League again is natural. But it’s extremely doubtful that the Swede will hoist the goblet with the large ear above his head once more.

Andriy Shevchenko (100 matches, 48 ​​goals)

Andriy Shevchenko
Andriy Shevchenko

The Ukrainian national team’s current manager once excelled in the Champions League. It’s interesting to note that Shevchenko only ever won the Champions League despite making it to the final three times. It occurred during the 2002–2003 campaign. At the time, Milan also took home the Italian Super Cup.

The storied Ukrainian later advanced to the Champions League final once more with Rossoneri and Chelsea, but he no longer held aloft the “big-eared” trophy. Shevchenko won’t likely look back on losing two Champions League finals, albeit it is unfortunate. The Golden Ball is a fantastic way to make up for competitions and championships that we fell short in.

Thierry Henry (112 matches, 50 goals)

It cannot be said so far that Henry’s coaching career is going well, but he was an accomplished footballer. The French reached the Champions League final against Arsenal for the first time in 2005/06, losing to Barcelona. 3 years later, the former striker has already won the Champions League with the Catalan club.

With Blue Garnet, Henry won absolutely everything and went to the MLS with a clear conscience to end his career. After hanging up his shoes, the Frenchman has already coached Monaco and Montreal Impact, but not even 30 matches left in any of the clubs. Now Henri is taking time off and waiting for new offers.

Ruud van Nistelrooy (73 appearances, 56 goals)

Van Nistelrooy has played the fewest Champions League matches of any player in this compilation. At the same time, 56 goals in 73 matches is a very good result. Although the Dutchman never made it to the ‘ears’ trophy. Also, Rude never played in the Champions League final. He couldn’t have achieved it with Manchester United or Real Madrid.

Van Nistelrooy is now in charge of the PSV youth team and is gaining coaching experience. Who knows, maybe the Dutchman will also win the Champions League, but as the head coach of one of the teams.

Karim Benzema (126 matches, 70 goals)

Benzema is a man who has received a lot of attention lately, in part because to his legal issues. How many goals Karim could have scored if Cristiano Ronaldo hadn’t overshadowed him for so long is a question that many experts and watchers are asking. In any case, the French are still in the Champions League with 70 goals, which is a commendable accomplishment in and of itself. The Benzema is fine overall and has 4 more prizes with ears.

Raúl (142 matches, 71 goals)

Another significant figure in Real Madrid’s past. Former team captain who is now the young team coach for Los Blancos. Raul was raised in the Atletico system initially. However, the young footballer joined the “royal club,” which offered him 18 years to live, after spending two years with the “mattress.” It’s interesting to note that during this time the Spaniard never claimed a Copa del Rey. However, the former “cream” striker was the Champions League champion three times, which is a very strong sign. After departing Real Madrid, Raul is expected to succeed Zinedine Zidine, but for the time being, the Spaniard is content to work with Castilla’s young potential.

Robert Lewandowski (96 appearances, 73 goals)

For many years, Lewandowski has been FC Bayern’s most vital offensive player. The Pole actually played for Borussia Dortmund before transferring to Munich. The football player and his team, Bumblebees, advanced to the Champions League final in the 2012–13 season before falling to Bayern.

Robert finally lifted the Champions League trophy above his head while playing for Bayern after a seven-year wait to return to the championship game. Bayern has a solid chance of repeating their Champions League triumph from last season, but it will be harder this time. The same Lewandowski won’t play in Bayern’s upcoming Champions League games, therefore the record holder will struggle.

Lionel Messi (149 appearances, 120 goals)

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

For Messi, as probably for many other players, the Champions League is a special tournament. Leo has won the Champions League 4 times. At the same time, he has not reached the final of the Champions League in 7 years, which of course cannot satisfy one of the best players in the world.

The Argentine has won every Champions League final he has appeared in and will want to pick up the coveted trophy more than once. With indicators like Messi you can and should fight for anything. What the state of Barcelona will be in the coming years is another matter. Fans hope that with the arrival of the old-new president, the blue grenades will be competitive again in all tournaments.

Cristiano Ronaldo (175 appearances, 134 goals)

The Champions League and Cristiano specifically are adored by all footballers. Ronaldo is very excited about his preparations for the Champions League. The figures are self-evident. The Portuguese now holds the record for most Champions League goals scored. Additionally, he has more victories in this competition than any other player (represented in the ranking).

5 Champions Cups have been won by Cristiano, 1 with Manchester United and 4 with Real Madrid. Ronaldo hasn’t won the Champions League with Juventus, but he’ll keep trying. The Portuguese player is already 36 years old and not in the least bit rejuvenating, but he will exert every effort to win the “Big Ears” cup before his playing days are over. Still, there is time.

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